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‘Travel technology – latest trends’ by Genesys at World Travel Market 2013 in Excel, London

  • Guy talks a load about buying stuff online – recomends Easyjet process. I agree
  • only when you check out on amazon, they ask you to log in, (i.e. further down the line in the buying process) – no diversions in the buying process
  • Google analytics to track bounce rate / exits
  • Turn customers into evangelists (post-purchase)
  • Exisiting customers are the ones you want to keep – This saves you on marketing costs, etc AGREE
  • Travelport video – excellent – part of it talked about telecoms – more android phones are activated every day than there is babies – some other excellent figures that I could include in the white paper on open data
  • Another really good vid about mobile – who was it by???
  • Big Data: Gordon Geko “information is power”
  • vid about ‘the age of big data by fliptop – some of these statistics again would be useful for the white paper
  • samsung galaxy vid showing their new wearable watch – shoare it with peter because how did they get all that historical footage????