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@ShareNL Meeting #3: Amsterdam

ShareNL Meeting #3


Piter Hilhorst

We are living in a time of abundance, this is on the reason why we are sharing. The traffic jams in Netherlands can be solved, you need a platform in which you can meet each other.

The government role is to help support the new shared economy ideas. An example is that the parents are starting up their own daycare, but at some point they do not have the permit to continue doing so. The government needs to look at the angle on how we can make this feasible by law.

A partial subsidy is a possibility for the companies that have a chicken and the egg problem. E.g. carpooling companies; they have the problem that there are no drivers and people using the system. A proposed solution is that they offer 1€ for each ride with a total cap., neighbors helping each other. There are people that need healthcare and the government could help ideas as such because it solves a large problem of national healthcare for the elderly.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.01.53 PM


Q1: Audience: These initiatives often cost 1 million or more, if the government does not support the initiative then they are stuck. It is a certain deadlock situation.

SIB: social impact bond

70% of the population that are released from the prison end up in the same groups and afterwards they resort back to crime.

Then someone decided to create a network in which they take a role to help these ex-prisoners and it turned out that it worked. So what is needed is that someone picks it up actively and starts doing it. When entrepreneurs want to follow up a certain idea then the government should help out. After they reach a ‘social impact bond’ the government will start to pitch in. This can be 10-15% calculated in reverse. In the case of a failure the money is not given to the company and it appeared that the idea is a fail.

A1: Piter Hilhorst

If you look at poor neighborhoods then it works to invest there because the housing becomes more valuable. The corporations build a fund in which they tried to increase the value of the house.

Q2/Comment: Audience: New hybrids are being found to get financing, from corporates to governments. The bright side is that new ways are being thought of to make these kind of movements possible. There is a critical mass problem, you need to fix it with each other.

Piter Hilhorst question to Audience: Can you think of a way to share the scarcity of housing?

Read more about Peter’s speech about the role of the Dutch government in the Shared Economy (Dutch Article).

English session with Simon Hodges

– We are here to kick off Amsterdam as a sharing city.

Brainstorm Keywords with sharing:

Limits, benefits from sharing, better utilization of our resources, open doors, open cultures, happier, etc

Aljan de Boer: How do you change all these feelings into a marketing strategy @aljandeboer


A guy in the audience has a problem with the sharing economy, specifically airbnb.

Marketing is showing that we think with people in the world, give them a good feeling, a hug… “Do we need to disguise ourselves to be seen?” was a handicapped person in a bear suite.

Analyze / brainstorm into campaign

You need to crawl into the feeling of a consumer, why is someone part of the shared economy, plenty of research has been done on the subject.

Once we have found the insight on what drives people we can determine why they would share something.

Fill a need: with land rover you reach places in which they serve spiders and bats a delicacy.

Be very clear: people think the sharing economy is very scary because of the ‘hippies’.

We are going to think of a strategy for the general target group to increase the awareness of the Shared Economy. 

image (2)

>>The results of the creative brainstorm session will be provided at a later time by ShareNL.


Social Media Campaigns by British National Tourism Organizations

This is Durham Campaign by Visit County Durham Durham Cathedral from the south Aim: Create a Web App to promote the County of Durham. Specifically its light festival. Objective: To have people join in all over the world. Even if they are unable to visit the County.

“Create your own virtual Lumiere – select your images, decide how you want them to appear, choose a soundtrack, then watch as your very own artwork appears on a 3D digital version of the world-famous Durham Cathedral.”

APP Functions:

  1. Drag and drop images to light up the cathedral
  2. Drag the effects of images across the screen
  3. Then play your video and share it with your friends

Durham Cathedral on Website Data Capture: Another important aim of the social media campaign was to capture name and email addresses from potential travelers and create a larger email address database for newsletters and promotions. Prompted via Visit England and Visit Britain -> 200 videos created in 48 hours

Blogger & Video Campaign by Visit Cornwell

Aim: To gain more visitors and to show the experience of a holiday at Cornwell. Objective: Provide information about the world belly boarding championship.

Chapel Porth Hosts World Bellyboard Championships Overall Success: On LinkedIn the campaign went more Viral, more people watched the videos but did not share it. It is expected that sharing was lower on LinkedIn because of the professional ambience of the network. Videos were cheaper to reach an audience than using TV ads when using social media correctly.


  • 12 month editorial program
  • Design your video to be part of your marketing activity
  • Plan the stories and release around them
  • Co-branding appears in more than one place
  • Host the content on YouTube
  • People are hungry for just pure content. This is advertising but its given as ‘content’.
  • People stopped sharing the videos when we incorporated ads in the end!
  • Always suggest your Bloggers what they should write on Facebook and other social media. Tell them to interact with their audience with the story because it creates heaps of comments and likes.
  • The bloggers often created a post on their own blogs and took the opportunity to create all kinds of stuff.
  • We the content so that bloggers were able to share everything easier and pick out their favorite content.
  • In the end we achieved 151 web referrals. Which means they have requested the brochures by mail.
  • The campaign created heaps of impressions on Twitter (of course this does not always make a campaign a success but the overall results were good).
  • Since the launch of the campaign the Visit Cornwell website links to over 60 videos.  

Working with Bloggers and Tips from Visit Wales

Key focus was to target people who haven’t visited Wales for holiday with a flexible publishing platform.

Objective: to raise awareness of the cultural and natural highlights of five key cities in Wales among target demographics – older couples, families, and independent travelers

Secondary goals: fantastic new website, add new content to it, generate links to visit and to create buzz on social media channels.

Method: Worked with 5 bloggers and maximize the value of what you do with external partners as well.

What do you want to get from the bloggers?

It was very important to discuss prior to selecting the bloggers what we want to achieve with them. We decided that we wanted high quality direct links from their networks (websites, twitter, facebook) . And to make sure that they fit directly with our brand as in metrics and selling point.

Visit wales ocial meida campaign

We asked them the following after selecting a handful:

  • How media savvy?
  • How much traffic could they generate?
  • What kind of stories are they willing to write in order to promote us.

Overall: The costs were much lower than when working with traditional coverage.